FROTH @ the Hi-Hat (1/11)


The Hi Hat is a bar//venue located way the hell on the other side of LA from where I live (LAX to Highland Park//Eagle Rock) that was reminiscent of the venue, Complex, where I saw The Ocean (Collective) back in October, although maybe 2x the size. You walk in past the ticket window and there’s a huge bar across the far wall, a kitchen area directly to the right of the entrance, two pool tables, and, further back, the stage area which was a pretty decent size.

The venue, honestly, might’ve been the best thing about the whole experience.

I went to see this band FROTH.

Now, I was imagining, from what I’d heard before, that FROTH would be kind of shoegazey psych with hints of some surfy vibes.. What I got was a band that sounded more or less like they were going through the motions of playing generic dream pop while appealing to the kind of kids that devour anything (and I mean anything) released or sanctioned by Burger Records.

The guitarist looked like he hated every single second of the set or, at the very least, like he was just doing what he had to do to get off the stage and be done with the show. The vocalist had his amp turned up so loud that, more often than not, you could barely hear what the bassist or aforementioned (lead) guitarist were playing. And there were a handful of times when he screwed up, whether it was with the notes he was jabbing at or coming in too late for his vocal part.

I dunno, maybe I’m being a bit harsh. Maybe it’s because I am//was dealing with sickness. I mean, I still got high before the show hoping that it would do what it usually does and make me feel the music and dig the whole experience more but even that didn’t help this time. If I’m being totally honest, I don’t think there was a single time when I was like “oh shit, that was pretty cool!”

Overall, I would much rather listen to Froth’s albums at home or on my phone than go and see them again.

Musically, in terms of the albums they’ve released that I’ve heard, I’d say check them out if you’re into Mystic Braves or Tomorrows Tulips… other than that I can’t recommend their live show to anyone. All I can say is check them out if you really want to.

That’s all I got so… DEAL WITH THAT.



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