LSD & the Search for God @ the Echoplex (1/22)

The Echo//Echoplex in Echo Park are hands down my favorite club venues in Los Angeles. I’ve seen a ton of great bands at both, like Whirr, Nothing, Deafheaven, Nails, Wand, together PANGEA, DIIV, Ducktails…well, you get the point.

When I saw that LSD & the Search for God were performing at the Echoplex for $10 AND it was late enough that I didn’t have to get work off, it was match made in heaven.

I haven’t been listening to LSD for all that long but I do know that they released their first EP in 2006, their second at the end of 2016, and they didn’t perform very much in between.

So I got off work and went straight from Venice to Echo Park, roastin’ a bone on the way as is customary before any show. It was raining so there was almost no one on the freeway which was very chill.

I got to the Echoplex almost exactly at 10, right when the first band, Nightmare Air, was going on.

Nightmare Air were kinda going for the shoegaze thing too, although to a lesser, more indie oriented degree I guess you could say. They weren’t bad, by any means, but they also didn’t prove to be anything crazy memorable.

After Nightmare Air came The Asteroid #4, a psychedelic pop, space rock kinda band. They were pretty cool, had a couple jams, and dealt with the guy that kept saying ridiculous shit and yelling “Manchester” (with an awfully attempted British accent, mind you – “MANCHESTAH”) in between every song rather well.

At about 1AM, LSD & the Search for God took the stage and built a wall of sound using reverb, delay, loopers, etc. Then they launched into their set, which included many delay//reverb soaked interludes that sometimes extended to a point where everyone in the band, besides the guitarist creating the soundscape, looked at each other and sort of shrugged like it was something he’d just decided to do on the spot, leaving them confused.

That aside though, LSD’s set was pretty damn good.

There was a guy in front of me that…well, there’s no way he wasn’t on some shit, which is fine.

As soon as they played any note, he’d start moving around like


And there was one whole song where he danced holding an orange over his head.
If not that, then he was showering himself in rose petals.

But again, don’t make no difference to me. It was sure as hell entertaining though.

There were people doing in-house visual which were pretty trippy. They’d use those projectors that teachers would use back in the day, the kind where they’d put a clear sheet of plastic on top of the screen and write on it, only they put plates on top of the screen(s) and sprayed them with various dyes and isopropyl alcohol. They would then spin the plates or repeatedly lift and set the plates back down to create different visual effects.

I ain’t seen nothin like that at a show before so that was certainly an interesting experience.

Overall, the show was super cool and I’d totally see LSD & the Search for God again!

If you’re into Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Pinkshinyultrablast, Whirr, or any 90s shoegaze then you should definitely check them out and see ’em whenever they’re in your area.


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