Born of Osiris @ the Roxy (2/28)

This show was packed. Way more than the last two, maybe even three times I went to the Roxy.

It actually kinda made me feel bad for Superheaven and the Number 12 Looks Like You, but that’s not important.

So, in the spirit of 10th anniversary tours, Born of Osiris set out to perform their first release, The New Reign. Many of the songs on this album had either not been played live before or had not been performed live in several years.

Overall, this was a very annoying show for me.

One, because my friends bailed like a buncha  damn jabronies and left me to go by myself and, secondly, because I had to sit through goddamn Volumes’s set.

Now Volumes…well they were trash. That’s really all I’ve got to say about them.

Their set consisted of the most generic “djent” that you could imagine. It literally sounded like the guitarist played one note their entire set and yet somehow they had a huge fanbase that was there supporting them.

One could only imagine why…

The band members themselves also seemed like a bunch of douches, but hey, maybe they’re nice.

Who knows or cares?

When their set finally ended, by the grace of god (or whomever), Born of Osiris came onstage.

I haven’t listened to THAT much Born of Osiris but I do dig The New Reign cos it’s a technically brutal album that was crazy for the time it came out.

So that part of the set was sick, seeing them crank out the bangers, but after that they played between five and seven songs from the rest of their albums.

Those I didn’t dig as much. Maybe one or two but overall, especially following The New Reign, these other songs sounded like a watered-down, more basic version of what Born of Osiris used to be.

I’ve got kinda mixed feelings about that show… on the one hand it was cool to see them perform that album, but on the other hand I don’t think my life would’ve been impacted in any way, shape, or form had I not gone.


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