Circa Survive @ the Shrine Auditorium (2/24)

I started listening to Circa Survive back in ’07-’08 right after they released On Letting Go and have since seen them open for Rise Against and Thursday at the Wiltern in 2008, at Club Nokia just after the release of Violent Waves in 2012, and I saw them one other time that I can’t exactly remember.

The point here is that I’ve been a huge fan of Circa Survive since at least the release of On Letting Go, so to see THAT band perform THAT album live was insane!

I fixed myself a bottle of Jameson and ginger ale, ripped a few bowls and rolled a J to consume at a certain point during the show and then proceeded to head to the metro station because I didn’t want to drive//pay for parking and  I wanted to drink beforehand.

The metro had a stop that was literally a 5 minute walk from the Shrine, which was sick because how annoying would a 30 minute walk be post-drink?

So yes, the Shrine, where I’ve seen the likes of Brand New, Tame Impala and The 1975 (unfortunately), is a really cool venue for bigger shows that aren’t full-on Hollywood Bowl status, y’dig?

I got to the show during Mewithoutyou’s last song//before they set the stage up for Circa.

Circa’s stage set up for this show (and tour, I imagine) was absolutely sick!

They commissioned an artist to create a physical version of their album cover, The girl and the hot air balloon.

Here, look at this picture I took off google because I haven’t synced the ones from my phone…


Though it started initially as a hot air balloon, the art pieces (one on either side) were affixed with projectors that would cycle between displaying the hot air balloon design and various types of Circa Survive’s safecamp logo.

They launched into their album and performed it with precision, making it sound more psychedelic and trippy live than it does on the album.

Seeing Circa Survive perform this album was also very cool because I’d never seen them perform most of the songs off it before.

Overall, for my fourth time seeing Circa Survive, it was no less impressive and awe-inspiring.

I may have cried a little.

These guys just know how to put on a show, it’s that simple.

I don’t even know what else I could say about it, go see them for yourself and maybe then you’ll understand what the hell I’m talking about.


Congratulations, go home now.


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