Meat Puppets @ the Echo (3/15)

Meat Puppets are a band I discovered, perhaps like many others with similar musical inclinations, through Nirvana’s acoustic MTV Unplugged album. For the live performance at which the album was recorded, Nirvana was joined onstage by brothers Curt and Cris Kirkwood of Meat Puppets (“the Brothers Meat,” as Kurt put it) for covers of their songs “Oh Me,” “Plateau,” and “Lake of Fire”.

The shoe.


Show! Was the Echo which is my favorite club venue and it was packed!

I’d listened to most of Meat Puppets albums between ’82-’94 but I’d still no idea what to expect from seeing them live because, and I’m gonna level with y’all here, I’ve been getting real stoned and, to be honest, they’d never crossed my mind when I was thinking of something crazy (musically or otherwise) to watch on YouTube.

But damn, dude.

From what I’ve gathered since seeing them, this is a bit of a family band as, I believe based on resemblance, Curt’s son has filled the position of touring rhythm guitarist.


(Monty Python fans? probably not.)



Meat Puppets came out and performed an hour and a half (at least) long set that consisted of banger after banger.

Personally, I was surprised by how many of the songs I knew.

Shit’s tight, man.

They had it down to a tee, dawg. They ripped through the 3 Unplugged songs (“Oh Me,” “Lake of Fire,” “Plateau”) as well as other slappers like “Flaming Heart,”” Severed Goddess Hand,” and “Backwater”.

There’s nothing else to say, dude.

Tried and true.

If you’ve not listened to them I’d say check out Meat Puppets I/II if you’re looking for rawer, old school Meat Puppets or Too High to Die if you’re looking for a more accessible starting point.


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