Polyphia//Jason Richardson & Luke Holland @ the Echoplex (3/23)

I’m just gonna dive right into this one.

Polyphia are on their Lit AF tour (move past it) with Jason Richardson & Luke Holland

This is their first headlining tour and it brought them to the Echoplex, also my favorite venue.

I saw Polyphia a little over a year ago when they opened for Chon (fucking CHON!) at the Troubadour in Hollywood (also another favorite venue) and they killed it then.

Coincidentally, I also lost my phone at (I think) Del Taco on the way to that show because my friend and I wanted to get shithoused so we drank on the bus the whole way instead of actually driving there.

Party on, Garth.

Alcohol, man.


So Jason Richardson & Luke Holland went on and were very solid, I mean Luke Holland put on a damn drum clinic!

He’s really who I was interested in out of the two of them because I’ve been watching his drum videos on YouTube since I was like 16.

Jason Richardson was cool too, but I’ve not really got anything to say about him.

After their set the two of them were at the merch table signing stuff and I could overhear him (Jason) asking every person that a came up, “so are you trying to pick up a cd too or…”

Take that for what you will, I’m just throwing it out there.


Polyphia went on and they tore through their set wherein they played stuff like “James Franco,” “Amor,” “Sweet Tea,” and “Aviator”.

There were a few slip ups in some of the songs I thought (or maybe I was trippin’) but that’s not a bad thing.

It merely proves that they’re human, prone to mistake, and not some alien creatures of pure shred sent from beyond to put all guitarists on Earth to shame.

I mean shit, YOU listen to their songs and imagine them playing it 100% live night after night.


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