Vince Staples @ the Fonda (4/12)

About 2 years ago, shortly after the release of his album Summertime ’06, my friend told me to listen to Vince Staples.

I’d heard him featured in songs with Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis and Common but had never listened to HIS music. So when I did it was incredible and I would definitely recommend Summertime ’06 to anyone that digs hip hop.

In late March, Mack, the same friend, asked me if I wanted to see him at the Fonda on his Life Aquatic tour and I said hell yeah.

So there we are at the Fonda, where I saw Sleep and Melvins at the beginning of the year.

After standing around waiting for what seemed like an eternity (I had been drinking and smoking), Vince came on stage and got right into his set.

Vince performed a good bulk of the songs off the 20-song ’06 as well as a few tracks from his most recent EP, Prima Donna, before finishing the set with the song “Blue Suede” from his 2014 EP Hell Can Wait.

Compared to other hip hop shows I’ve been to, this was most likely the best.

I mean, when I saw Waka Flocka he barely even performed, he pretty much just let the backing track play and acted as his own hype man. And when I saw Tyga (unfortunate as that may be) he rapped only like 40% of his parts…AND he did “Rack City” 3 different times.

So seeing Vince Staples rap 98% of his parts was awesome and he had the energy to go with it.

Vince Staples was sick, if he’s performing anywhere near you then you’d better go see him cos it’s worth it.

Vince’s new album, Big Fish Theory,  is due out mid-june.


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