DIIV @ the Regent (5/21)

This was the second time I’ve seen DIIV liiv. (yeah, it happened)
I saw them on one of their 3 nights at the Echo last February.

Honestly, this show was pretty much the same.

They played more than 17 songs in their initial set and took suggestions from the crowd as to what they wanted to hear performed.

The main difference between that show and this one was that Zach, the singer/guitarist, is in the process of getting clean and staying sober, having announced multiple times that he was (I think) 87 days sober and was thankful that people supported him and were helping him stay off heroin and whatever else.

That didn’t seem to have an impact on their performance though ‘cos DIIV still sounded good both times.

So they played their long-ass set, came back out for the encore and that was it.

I will say this, when you see them live you really notice how almost all of DIIV’s songs sound the exact same… not that it’s a bad thing I guess. If you’re into shoegazey dream pop then that shouldn’t be an issue.

They’re still a good band even if the drums are the same in every single song.

Listen to DIIV if you haven’t before and go see them live because it’s worth it for the amount of music they perform.


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