Rodriguez @ the Luckman Fine Arts Complex (on Cal State LA’s campus) (5/19)

The Luckman Fine Arts Complex is this huge, modern looking building within which is the concert hall where the performance took place.

If you’ve read any of my other whatever-you-would-call-these (which, let’s be real…)
and you remember the picture or the layout of the venue for that Haochen Zhang performance at the Segerstrom Center, that’s what this place looked like. Or at least very similar.

Rodriguez made two albums in the early 70s, Cold Fact (70) and Coming From Reality (71) before disappearing completely.

This is the basis of the Oscar-winning 2012 documentary Searching For Sugar Man, which I’d recommend watching.

Rodriguez has a sort of Dylanesque vibe to him although his voice is much better than Ol’ Bobby’s given he can carry a tune and hold notes. Otherwise, similar singer-songwriter style with lyrics that tell a story.

This show was the day after Chris Cornell’s death (I think) so his band came out first and performed an instrumental version of “Black Hole Sun” while Rodriguez was being brought to the stage.

Led by a handler, Rodriguez hobbled onstage (I mean he’s 74, it makes sense but it kinda sad to see) and sat on his stool at center stage.

Having listened to both of his albums multiple times before even knowing he was going to be performing near me, I was familiar with most of the songs he played and his voice still sounded pretty damn good.

At the end of the set he was led offstage by his handler again before being brought back on a few minutes later to do an encore.

This show was really cool, the venue was a cool, lavish-ish concert hall and the seats were nice.

If you’re into folky music and/or you dig Bob Dylan then I’d recommend giving Rodriguez a shot. Both his albums are great and I feel he deserves a wider audience.


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