Brian Wilson @ the Pantages Theatre (5/27)

I had never been to the Pantages before but goddamn, talk about an ornate venue.
I think it’s mainly used for plays and musicals and whatnot but it was a sick venue for the L.A. stop on Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary tour.

Especially when you consider that there are at least 11 people in the band.

So Brian Wilson came to town during the last (ever) leg of his Pet Sounds anniversary tour and man was it a spectacle.

Joining Wilson were Al Jardine, fellow (original) Beach Boy, and Blondie Chaplin, who toured with the Beach Boys in 71-72, as well as various other touring musicians.

The show consisted of two sets: one mainly comprised of Beach Boys singles and another wherein the Pet Sounds album was performed in its entirety.

Like Rodriguez, Brian Wilson was led onstage by a handler due to impaired walking abilities. The difference here was that Wilson had a severe limp but could still make it offstage on his own before requiring further assistance.

The band came out and ripped through about 15-16 Beach Boys songs before taking about a 20 minute break.

When they came back out they went right into “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and, well, the rest is history.

Following the completion of Pet Sounds they all left the stage before coming back out a short time later for an encore.

Now this encore consisted of straight Beach Boys bangers. I’m talking stuff like “Good Vibrations” and “Surfin U.S.A.”

I lost my train of thought here….

Anyway, the show was fantastic and for an album that’s 50 years old, Pet Sounds is just as relevant today as it was in 1966. I mean, I’m sure everyone can relate to the lyrics of “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times.”

I’d recommend going to see Brian Wilson on this tour if at all possible but I feel that time has passed. Despite that, you can still become enraptured by the wonderfully melodic psychedelic pop that is Pet Sounds.

I can, however, say that the film Love & Mercy is definitely worth watching as it chronicles Wilson’s life from ’65-’68 and ’87-’89. Sure John Cusack and Paul Dano play a older/younger Wilson, but they do a hell of a job and even Wilson himself has said that the film is entirely accurate.

So check it out, listen to the music and dig it.


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