Chon @ the Fonda (6/2)

Again with the Fonda.

I missed the first two bands, Covet and Little TyBee, but got there just in time for Tera Melos’ set.


I hadn’t seen Tera Melos since like 2008 when they opened for the Fall of Troy at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood.

I mean, that place isn’t even there anymore. That’s how long its been.

In the beginning of the set, honestly maybe within the first 5 minutes, Nick Reinhart broke a string on his guitar and had to go get pliers to cut it off and replace it.

After that happened though, it was smooth sailing.

Their set was so fucking sick, I’d forgotten what it was like.

Nick Reinhart is an insane guitarist but even more insane is his fluid use of the pedals on both of his pedalboards.

There was one point in a song where he hit some pedal (I’m thinking it might’ve been the Earthquaker “Bit Commander”) and his guitar sounded EXACTLY like a saxophone.

Then he did a whole solo with it as though it were a sax. It was…I mean..

What can you say about that? It’s absolutely crazy.

This show definitely rekindled my fondness for Tera Melos.

Then there was Chon.

This is Chon’s second headlining tour and it’s in support of their upcoming album Homey.

I saw them last year with Polyphia at the Troubadour on the Super Chon Bros. tour and that show was fucking sick.

This show was even better, honestly.

I love Chon and I’ve listened to all their stuff innumerable times but this time they had new stuff to perform.

Stuff I and all the people there had never heard before.

Let me just say, this new Chon album is going to be so fucking good. I can’t wait for my preorder to come in the mail so I can wear it out.

Chon’s set was a mix of half-old, half-new.

There were several times during their set when I thought to myself “that was goddamn beautiful” and almost cried.


I had to stop myself a few times it was that good.

This was the first night of the tour and it was a rowdy one.

There were huge pits in the middle of the floor and masses of people jumping up and down and clapping in unison.

It’s amazing that something can be so unifying.

The Homey tour is off to a fantastic start and I’m even considering going to see them again on the last day of the tour in their hometown of San Diego.

Listen to Chon.

Love Chon.

Worship Chon.

Let the music be your master.


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